M2ART – MAKING MURAL ART(logo designed by @cale.k2s on instagram)

This is a curriculum we have tested in continuation high schools, at our headquarters and traveling nationwide.

They just want to paint.

We are developing a sellable curriculum for after school programs so we have a sustainable impact on the community of artists who need the coaching at the wall and on canvas.

Your support helps develop this work. When you donate you change lives.

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• Study art history
• Draw from still life, figures and original work
• Paint on canvases
• Create mural sketches collaboratively
• Create murals

We are dedicated to artists being in action and will build the walls so they will come. It’s proven that when they make art with us, they are not doing graffiti in the streets. We get them into their creativity at the wall and off. Our teachers guide their skills and add to them by being supportive and by teaching our continuously developed curriculum.

With youth, ages 10-25, our promise is to harness their energy, direct it toward self-expression that can be seen and heard in a safe and cogent way by collaborating with them, and seeing them as vital contributors to the creative problem solving community of artists we are mentoring.

Each artist is developed individually.

questions: offthewallgraffiti@gmail.com

Our areas on impact in Los Angeles as of September 2017