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Support us today with your generous thoughts and funds. Every dollar goes back into the work we do. Our co-founders work tirelessly to create lasting repeatable programs. We research daily what will make a real difference to this talented subset of artists running the streets. Our work is working. They are graduating from high schools, getting into higher education because we stop their pace and get them to look at themselves a new. All because of you. Your support makes this work and we continue to grow because of you. Our drive is to have permanent walls in every skate park globally. We are writing a curriculum to sell which will support the charity and provide a template for these artist’s growth in after school programs, just like sports do. We say that the spraycan is their football and we build their fields so they don’t always have to take them in the streets.Art schools nationwide want these students. And the truth is, it took kids trespassing into abandoned swimming pools to get skateparks and X-Games. However, art schools aren’t looking for skateboarders, they need our artists to help solve problems that they have faced, more so than the average student has, on the world stage of design and urban planning. EIN NUMBER 27-1805139

All donations are tax deductible and you can help with Paypal or mail in a check to our headquarters.

In kind donations of materials, automobiles, homes, computers are all possible and provide much to this community.

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